DIY - Just "Do It Yourself"

Cupcake Toppers

The latest craft was for the Father Daughter Dance at The Little’s school. This came up because The Hubbs is the PTA President.  His team is looking for cost efficient but little girl approved decorations. The PTA is doing an awesome job and literally rolling out the red carpet for all of the Father’s and Daughter’s with a really…… Continue reading Cupcake Toppers

Test It Out Tuesday

If Beauty is Pain – Test it Out Tuesday 1/24/17 ! 

If you know me I’ve probably tried my hardest to convince you to switch to eyebrow threading ( it’s a hair removal technique that uses 100% cotton thread  to remove unwanted hair on your face ) . Personally I’ve had experiences with wax on my face that lead me to this option . Long story…… Continue reading If Beauty is Pain – Test it Out Tuesday 1/24/17 !