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Kids Crafts- DIY

Spring Break is here !

Which means … are the kids lol

Last week , I promised them some crafts and creative shenanigans but I didn’t have time to go to the store #bummer.

No worries ! Need something to keep them entertained while you do laundry ? Or maybe just keep them busy to pass some time ?

In my crafting stash, I had a canvas pack on hand – why not let them paint ? Each kiddo chose 2-3 colors which gave us a nice variety. I covered the kitchen table in wax paper and I let them get creative (wax paper was secured with painter’s tape) .

I snapped a couple of photos while the kids were painting and while the art was drying . The Young One painted with finger paint while in his high chair 🙂

I know you’re thinking … that’s great but once they’re done, drying time means bored kids though ? Nope, I let them cover the living room table with Contact Paper and handed out some sharpies ! The contact paper on the table had bubbles in it . I wanted to put it down myself , but I could see it in their eyes and let them have at it . This activity kept them busy for a long time and it kept me laughing the entire time .

I love this idea and I’ll be planning a part 2 . It’s a great way to expose the kids to some creativity and also get some decorative art for your space . Plus, they get to be as creative as they’d like with no mess  .


-xoxo Tilly


Supplies on hand:

-Canvas pack

-Paint brushes

-Old t-shirts and bibs for brushes

-Water cups to clean the brushes

-Wax Paper


-Contact Paper





12 thoughts on “Kids Crafts- DIY

  1. I love the table drawing idea!! I would have never thought of that, my son is only 7 months but it is something to keep in mind for the future. Im not sure how old your kiddos are but i JUST posted some activites/crafts you might enjoy! One being homemade slime- just glue, borax, water & food coloring. Full details here if youre intereted – 🙂

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