Organized Chaos

The Slump – Adulting 

This week I’ve been so overwhelmed with so much “stuff “. I’m trying to find the happy balance between work and home while still adulting and trying to make it to the gym to be healthy . I’ve been killing those body pump  and Zumba classes though ☺️!! 

Long story short I haven’t made anything this week . Started a few wall art pieces but they’re in the same spot they were in last Wednesday 😒. Today I’m getting my life and setting up my editorial calendar because the timing is perfect . All the major field trips are over , my work schedule is back to normal and The Little’s team won the championship so there are no more basketball Saturday’s ! 

In the mean time , here are a few of the pins that I’ve been looking through! I hope you enjoy them and find something to add to your wall at home !! 

Fabric & Canvas Wall Art
On Canvas
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2 thoughts on “The Slump – Adulting 

  1. Adulting is hard. Sometimes you just don’t have time or energy for it. At these times just put on Netflix and hide under a blanket. My recommendation anyway.

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