A Healthier Me

Adventure List 2017 


For those of you that know me , you know that my activities outside of home include going to the craft store or Target runs . Here and there we throw in some small kid adventures …. but what about mommy ? 

I started off my blog with a category titled “healthier me” and I’ll be honest I have no idea what will go there 🙄. 

So here it is … this year I’m setting 4 goals and hopefully I can stick to them and rebuild my social life 

My friends are probably like …. oh ok … strangers are like … yeah girl do that … I’m like OMG I have to deal with people 😉 . 

So where do I start? I rock at talking to people and I’m out of my shell at work ( pats self on the back) but outside of work … it’s me and my fam ! So let’s get Mommy out of her comfort zone and into some paired with adulting activities 

Here goes the list 

1. Bring back date night ! We have a life group that we’re in at church and a couple mentioned they have a list of restaurants that they check off as they visit 🤔 don’t mind if I do . 

2 . Boot camp/ consistent fitness  – say what now ? It’s a fitness boot camp right around the corner . Did I mention my 10 year reunion is coming up 🙄I also met a parent at the basketball game – we exchanged numbers to work out on Monday 🤔 can’t let her down now #committment 😐 *update* I  think I’ve found me a gym buddy ! 

3. Vacation – what’s that ? We’ve planned two vacations for the kids but I need a girls trip in my life . Thanks in advance for watching the kids babe 🙌🏽 

4. Leave work at work – I started 2017 off wrong by working long nights and on the weekends . I get paid to work 40 hours a week so I’m going to make that work for me ! 
Seems simple right ? Well all the moms know how that goes ….. you’re so focused on your kids and your spouse and being everywhere for everyone that you forget about yourself .

 This list will hopefully allow me to be “selfish” once or twice a day and make time for me .

Fingers crossed ….

Let’s get to it ! 

Xoxo Tilly 


2 thoughts on “Adventure List 2017 

  1. I gotta try this type of list for myself! Being a mom and wife does keep you so busy from paying attention to yourself. We all need some recoup time to give our best. Looks like you are getting a good start, hope the best!

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