DIY - Just "Do It Yourself"

Little Picasso Display 

Just like any other parent , my kids have a ton of artwork sent home on a weekly basis .

I love to see what type of creations came to mind but let’s be real …. where do you put it ?

I hate to just file it away in a box without showing them off 😒 . This is my Mom’s fault because my mom did a great job of displaying our artwork as kids.  What does any creative blogger do ? Go to Pinterest and look for some ideas .

I found this pin

I like the concept but wanted to swap up the quote because I love the idea of supporting a child’s imagination .

Which led me to ….

Finished product :

How cute is that elephant lol ??!

Happy Crafting!

Xoxo Tilly !

This is how I got there ! 

The products I used in this craft are found in my DIY Crafting Mini Haul

I also used paint pens that I purchased from the craft store .

Since I had the wooden plank cut when I got it , the next step was painting it . The paint I purchased already has a primer and this was a true shortcut for me .

I struggled with painting it until I found two additional boards to lift the wood off the ground . *do not use plastic bags …. now that I think of it … that was not the best idea lol *

After you paint the board , if you don’t have your quote or idea , you need one !

I let the paint dry overnight so I had plenty of time to search until I found the Einstein quote 😉.

Next , I penciled the quote in ….( this was just to give me an idea of the spacing )

Once I figured out my spacing and alignment,  I started to trace the quote with paint pens. – I recommend paint pens because these are easier to write with.

Once I got that traced and let it dry ( very fast drying results with the paint pens ) I was able to search for some “Little Picasso” artwork 😍 The Little said her art work is exclusive but the Young One just kept handing me paintings.

How cute !


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