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Cupcake Toppers

The latest craft was for the Father Daughter Dance at The Little’s school.

This came up because The Hubbs is the PTA President.  His team is looking for cost efficient but little girl approved decorations. The PTA is doing an awesome job and literally rolling out the red carpet for all of the Father’s and Daughter’s with a really nice “Hollywood” theme.

I wanted to contribute but….this week’s organized chaos has taken over most of my schedule. So I figured some themed cupcake toppers are a quick and easy decoration that I could whip up in less than an hour and send in my absence !
This project was quick and easy ! 

Steps listed below 😎

Xoxo Tilly 

For this project , you’ll need :

-Toothpicks – Scrapbook stickers ( I used the 3-D kind from the scrapbook/papercraft section) – 2 1/2 inch hole punch ( in any shape you’d like)

-Glitter letters – Glue Dots – Scissors

-Cardstock ( I chose 3 colors from the scrapbook section)


Ok let’s get started !

My first step was to cut out the circles that I’d be using for my background. You can totally do this by hand but I would recommend using a hole punch. Crafts stores typically have a variety of shapes and sizes. Use what works for your theme and your budget .

The colors I chose to cut out were foil in gold, red and pearl white.

This gave me about 18 circles per color . After this , I chose a few different 3D stickers and started sticking them to the foil circles . This was super easy since the stickers are typically for paper crafting (very sturdy) and already have adhesive on them . I also used the Glitter letters to spell out a few words for the theme 🙂

All the hard work is out of the way !

Once all of this was done ,It’s time to finish them .

I added a glue dot circle to the center of the back of each circle to secure the toothpick (the toothpicks are used make it easier to position and secure the decorations on the cupcake) to each topper.

I love using glue dots for everything but the size I purchased was too big for this project. I ended up securing the toothpick to the back of each circle with the Glue Dot but I also covered the excess glue with heart stickers.

Finished Product !

Super cute right ?!

You can be as creative as you’d like for any theme !!!

Let me see your finished product !

Happy Crafting





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