When the “Stepmom” shows up …

Game starts at 1 … be there by 12:30…

That’s been running through my mind since I woke up on Saturday morning at 7:30( thanks to my son) 😶. I got this …. but life happens lol

What time did we get there ? 12:50 ! 🤐

We made it …. rushing in …went to “gym A” first but we definitely made it just as her coach was walking out of the correct gym with the most panicked look on her face ! *sigh of relief* The little looks back , “Thanks Tilly” and jets off to be with her team. We did her pregame ritual in the car so she’s pumped !

Her coach looks me in the face , all the tension is gone  and she says Thanks ! She introduces herself  and asks says she’s sorry she didn’t introduce herself before…I smile and tell her “no worries , I appreciate you being so forgiving with the late arrival” . She smiles and tells me that the little talks about me and her dad coming to her games all the time and that one day she hopes her mom will make it to one .

The coach looks a little concerned but brushes it off … but me ….I want to say … we’re 5 games in … she hasn’t made it to a single one !

That’s 5 weekends! 5 weekends that I’ve listened to her make the promise that this little 10-year-old holds on to and looks forward to for the entire week .That’s 5 weekends I’ve had to help her bounce back from the disappointment . That’s 5 weekends …. 5 long weekends …I’ve wanted to scream … just don’t make any promises you can’t keep !

But I can’t … 🙄.

It’s frustrating ! To be honest , at this point I don’t care about the bios shortcomings . I can’t change the promises she’s made … I just want to make sure my kid feels the support that we bring to every single game … even last weekend when I was in my pre-birthday slump …. She will always have someone in the bleachers for :

-The approval she seeks after each basket she makes (and even the ones she doesn’t) .

-The “we’re so proud of you” welcoming she gets when she walks off the court …

-The “Good Game” she gets from all the other supportive parents in attendance at every single game .

Just know that this little… your daughter …. my daughter ….she’s good . Your broken promises make our support stand out even more  . She’s growing , her personality is blooming , she’s an amazing child but …One day she’ll stop looking in the stands for you .

That’s the day that you will regret ! Really….Wake up , roll out of bed and show up ! That’s all she needs , it’s not much .

I made a promise when I entered this relationship to be there for her. At the time I didn’t really know how I would execute …it but I always show up.

Don’t get me wrong , it’s not always perfect … I mean we got there at 12:50 😂😂 but the  Stepmom …. she shows up !

Update * Shout out to The Little ! Her team played an amazing game and won by 1 point ! Buzzer beater for sure ! That was an intense game , everyone was on the edge of their seat !!!


7 thoughts on “When the “Stepmom” shows up …

  1. That’s what step-moms do! We make sure to take care of all the everyday activities, fill in for those emotional absenses. I hope one day her mother will recognize how important it is to her daughter to really be there for her.


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