Test It Out Tuesday

If Beauty is Pain – Test it Out Tuesday 1/24/17 ! 

If you know me I’ve probably tried my hardest to convince you to switch to eyebrow threading ( it’s a hair removal technique that uses 100% cotton thread  to remove unwanted hair on your face ) .

Personally I’ve had experiences with wax on my face that lead me to this option . Long story short someone snatched the skin off between my eyebrows because she kept waxing the same spot  – 100% my fault because I should not be waxing my face at all. It didn’t help that I had an allergic reaction to the wax around my brows – just doing all kinds of bad …smh

 I’ve fallen for threading because:

1) It’s quick

2) It works for my sensitive skin

3) You don’t have to stalk the person threading to make sure they’re sticking to the appropriate hygiene rules – where was that wax before it touched your face ?

4)  The pain lasts for 5 minutes lol

5) The results last for a little over 3 weeks !

If you don’t know what eyebrow threading is , you can’t knock it until you try it but I’ll include a quick clip here .

I can also attach my before and after pictures from Tuesday as well 🌞

I love it ! It’s worth the 5 minutes of annoying plucking at my face and the results are pretty awesome ! They’ll also keep me from trying to maintain my brows myself because  that scenario up top was a total fail 😦

I tested it out and now you can too, let me know how it works for you  !

xoxo Tilly


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