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Gratitude Jars- Update- Family DIY 

The Gratitude Jars have been a real hit !

Gratitude Jar Step By Step

Since we created them it’s been our attitude adjuster .

Perfect Example ….The day we made the jar, The Little was disappointed about her options to take for lunch the next day (This is still confusing to me because she picked out her supplies at the grocery store 🤔).

We explained the choices she made and asked her to go to the jar . She was hesitant about being called out but once she picked her first compliment , it changed her entire outlook 😁.  After she read the compliment , she was air-dribbling all over the place 😂 What lunch ??

Next up was The Hubs . He pulled a comment that I wrote just for a pick me up .

Then we have days like today ……the post basketball game pep talk . She is not happy about losing and even more disappointed that her “Steph Curry half court shot” didn’t even come close to the rim ( honesty moment * it went about 12 feet in the air and 4 feet in front of her smh from half court ) . We’ve been talking to her since we left the game , telling her how close she was  to making it and how more practice will help . Nothing connected until she picked a slip from the Gratitude Jar at home .

You dance so well, keep practicing and schooling us ” 

and she went for the second pull

You’re a very giving person” ! 

Instantly back to the upbeat kiddo she was before the game !

I love the results of the Gratitude Jar to date !

I hope you guys are seeing the same impacts ?

If you’d like to make one for your family ,

Gratitude Jar Step By Step  is here and don’t forget to tell me about your results !

xoxo Tilly


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