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DIY crafting mini haul 

Today I was able to go to a few stores (Lowe’s , A.C. Moore and I grabbed a few  from Dollar Tree – they have a ton of crafty items )  and shop to prep for some activities for the week .

I’m thinking DIY wall art – signs

The mini haul cost me 15.98 ( the plywood was 9 bucks but you can get about 4 signs out of it even though I’m only making 2  )  .

I’m looking for a few ideas today but I’m pretty sure I’m leaning towards something to hold all of this …..My kids are “Mini Picasso’s” art work….

Stay Tuned

xoxo Tilly

1 x 8 x 6 Plank ( Lowes)


Clothes Pins, Sandpaper, Jude Twine ( Dollar Tree)  Metallic Gold  & White Acrylic Paint ( A.C. Moore)




“Peel & Stick Phrases” ( Dollar Tree) , Sanding Pad & Spray Paint in “Satin Claret Wine” A.C. Moore)



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