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Gratitude Jars – Family DIY 

Kudos to my cousin Shawn for this DIY !

We were texting about an hour ago and he told me about Gratitude Jars !

Gratitude Jars are little jars that hold notes about things you’re thankful for or even little pick me up messages . You can take a  second to pull out a special note if you’re ever stressed/negative

Thanks Shawn! I owe you one

I’ve been looking for something to decorate the counter space that typically ends up holding everything “you didn’t have a hand for yesterday “.  Seriously , carrying the baby in with too much in your hand ? Place it on the counter …. it = the other stuff, not the baby . Right now , it’s currently holding …

  • One of the little’s hats
  • Two wallets
  • A wireless mouse that fell out of my bag
  • A bag of goldfish that didn’t survive the trip home from the grocery store today

…… you get the point

Gratitude Jars would be awesome right ?! 

Why ?

 I don’t think you can ever tell someone exactly  how much you appreciate them  or as often as you’d like . It’s also a great attitude adjuster for the recipient 

Gratitude Jars- Update- Family DIY 

Sold yet ? Ok , here’s what I used 

  • 1/2 gallon mason jar
  • 3 sheets of cards stock *update* we used 4 at the last minute
  • A paper -cutter or scissors
  • Pens
  •  Tulle – I typically use this in the place of ribbon


Mason Jar & Tulle


Cardstock , Paper Cutter & a pen(s)

Step 1) Choose the colors of the paper you’ll be writing on . I chose 3 different colors because I’ll be dedicating one color to each person (lime green – the little ) (light blue – the hubs) ( dark green – me)  Lighter colors work well …but as long as you  can see the writing you’re good to go !

Step 2) Cut the paper into small strips . I used the paper-cutter and got 18 slips per page .


Step 3) This is where you write why you’re thankful for the person . To break it down , The Hubs is writing what he likes about me and The Little . The Little is writing about what she likes about me and The Hubs. I’m writing about The Little and The Hubs ☺️ Try to dig deep here !!

Step 4) Once you’re done ….place all of the slips inside the jar and seal it !


Almost there !

Step 5) Tie the ribbon on …. really,  I just wanted a ribbon lol


All done !


To see an update on this craft click here Gratitude Jars- Update- Family DIY 


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