Organized Chaos

Snow Day ?!!

Snow days are great until you’re faced with bored kids ! Since Friday we’ve been inside and outside as the weather changes . The first choice is outside , why ? Because it’s a snow day duh ! Of course it’s cold so we need some breaks here and there. 

 While inside , we’ve been looking for a few different things to keep the little one busy ( the youngest entertains himself) but keep the learning going . 
Card Games – our ten year old is working on fractions and word problems . Like any other kid she tolerates math to a certain  extent but cards always seem to slide by. 
Gold Fish 

  1. Word problems – With every mate , she has to come up with a word problem and give us the answer . 
  2. Multiples – to give some variation she can opt to tell us the multiples of the card pulled ( ex. 10 – 1,2,5,10) or the square of that number ( 10 x 10) 

When she was tired of the cards( she lasted about 3 hours with these games) we went to throw back movies . Keep in mind she’s only 10 so this wasn’t hard at all lol!!  I let her pick a few and added in a few of my own . We made it through the first two before we swapped ( this sparked some interesting small talk ) ! 

  1. Space Jam 
  2. Richie Rich 
  3. The Lion King
  4. Matilda 
  5. Blank Check 
  6. E.T. 
  7. A Little Princess 
  8. Dennis the Menace 
  9. Good Burger 
  10. Jumanji

By the time your kid gets bored , it’ll be time to get them up and active ! 

The little loves the following Kinect games !

  1. Just dance ( all versions ) 
  2. Dance central (all versions) 
  3. Wii ( bowling and wii sports work wel) 

If you don’t have a gaming system – get creative – break out the talent show ! 

Throwback concerts and dance battles are hilarious and entertaining  ! 

Once you’re done , it’s time to repeat ! 

* The things we picked out were for the little , but we had just as much fun catching up and performing as she did * Let me know what you did and how your kids enjoyed their snow day !


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