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Kids Crafts- DIY

Spring Break is here ! Which means … are the kids lol Last week , I promised them some crafts and creative shenanigans but I didn’t have time to go to the store #bummer. No worries ! Need something to keep them entertained while you do laundry ? Or maybe just keep them busy to pass some…… Continue reading Kids Crafts- DIY

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Hello Spring -DIY Shorts 

Hi , I’ve been missing but definitely reaching some awesome goals at work . I’ve noticed that the weather here has been inconsistent but mostly warm .  A while back The Little asked me to make her some cut off shorts because she was getting too tall for her favorite pair of jeans and this…… Continue reading Hello Spring -DIY Shorts 

Organized Chaos

The Slump – Adulting 

This week I’ve been so overwhelmed with so much “stuff “. I’m trying to find the happy balance between work and home while still adulting and trying to make it to the gym to be healthy . I’ve been killing those body pump  and Zumba classes though ☺️!!  Long story short I haven’t made anything…… Continue reading The Slump – Adulting 

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Getting to Know You … Test It Out Tuesday 

Hi , I haven’t posted in a while ( longer work hours and a ton of kid activities ) but I found this fun survey that I wanted to share with you guys . If you’re interested in the full list of questions you can find it  here 🤗 After you read my list , I’d…… Continue reading Getting to Know You … Test It Out Tuesday 

A Healthier Me

Adventure List 2017 

2/19/2017 For those of you that know me , you know that my activities outside of home include going to the craft store or Target runs . Here and there we throw in some small kid adventures …. but what about mommy ?  I started off my blog with a category titled “healthier me” and…… Continue reading Adventure List 2017 

DIY - Just "Do It Yourself"

DIY Business Card Holders

Today’s DIY adventure was sparked by my business cards coming in the mail .  I was on Pinterest and found a cute little case but the link was broken 😒 I was able to see my goal / finished product but I couldn’t get to the tutorial …. So I winged it lol ! (…… Continue reading DIY Business Card Holders

DIY - Just "Do It Yourself" · Test It Out Tuesday

Test It Out – New Cricut Craft 

What do you do when you don’t have any major plans for V-Day ….after you take your kids to the trampoline park and they’re in bed and you’re bored  ? Pull out the Cricut and get crafty !! Duh ! I drafted up a quick project in my design space and ironed it on to…… Continue reading Test It Out – New Cricut Craft